Asset Recovery

With our global reach, we are in a prime position to assist manufacturers, distributors and other companies to securely dispose of their IT assets. With our pickup-and-take-out services in Japan, we can offer you fair market price for your decommissioned assets.

How it works

Where possible, please provide us a copy of your asset register, as detailed as possible (preferably showing server model names and numbers, any upgrade(s) installed, and serial number) - this will allow us to better calculate the true value of your fleet.
Our expert management team will evaluate your assets based on age, location and quantity, and offer you fair market price accordingly. Please allow us at least 2-3 business days to correctly evaluate your assets.
Once we come to an agreement, we can provide you an address to ship, or we can provide you a pickup and dismantling quote accordingly.
Our technicians will audit all equipment, providing you a full list of the specifications received and any variances/changes from your asset list.
Once we have completed the audit and sent you all the information, and we have come to an agreement on terms, payment will be made accordingly.

For more information on the services we can provide you, please fill out the form below.