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These Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms of Use”) apply to the EXAS Solutions web site located at www.exassol.com, and all associated sites linked to www.exassol.com by EXAS Solutions, its subsidiaries and affiliates, including EXAS Solutions sites around the world (collectively, the “Site”). The Site is the property of EXAS Solutions Limited (“EXAS”) and its licensors.
  1. The terms of use set out herein set out the basis of which you will agree to use our website. Should you not agree to any of these terms, please cease using our website and contact us directly by phone.
  2. By visiting and using our website, you:
    • (a) Agree not to engage in any activities that may disrupt it or its attached systems;
    • (b) Consent to EXAS Solutions, at its absolute discretion, monitoring and restricting your access from the site;
    • (c) Agree that your use of EXAS Solutions’ website is wholly at your own risk;
    • (d) Agree to and accept these terms and conditions.
  3. EXAS Solutions will not be held liable for:
    • (a) Any loss or damage you may suffer whatsoever from the use of this site;
    • (b) Any loss or damage you may suffer from interruptions or disconnections of service to the site.
  4. EXAS Solutions makes no guarantees about and accepts no liability for the security of data transmitted over the internet, or the security of any file(s) downloaded from EXAS Solutions systems or third party links that may be provided to you by EXAS Solutions. These should be used and/or downloaded “at your own risk”.
  5. EXAS Solutions makes no representations that this site complies with any relevant laws outside of its countries of operations, including but not limited to Japan;
  6. Any product photographs are indicative only and actual products may differ from those shown.
  7. If you do not accept any of the above terms and conditions, please cease using the website immediately and contact us directly by phone.


  1. Should any of the terms contained within this page be unenforceable by law or deemed illegal, then said term(s) shall be struck from this document without prejudice or effect to any of the remaining term(s) contained within this page, and said remaining term(s) shall be deemed still in effect and fully enforceable.


  1. Product availability on this website is indicative only, and updated 6 times per day. For accurate availability, please fill in the RFQ form or contact your sales representative.
  2. EXAS Solutions does not provide any pricing on its website. For up to date pricing information, please fill in the RFQ form or contact your sales representative.
  3. To place an order with EXAS Solutions, contact your sales representative in your respective country or region for assistance.
  4. None of the products supplied by EXAS Solutions are eligible for partner rebates, marketing dollars or any such associated manufacturer or distribution incentive programs. The pricing you are provided by EXAS Solutions is considered at such a level to have outweighed any potential benefits of such programs.


  1. “Factory Sealed”, or “F/S”, signifies brand new, unopened, factory sealed product;
  2. “Bulk” signifies the product is new, but has been pulled out of the system it was originally installed in.
  3. “New Open Box”, or “NOB”, signifies the product is new, with its original packaging, however the seals have been broken either for inspection or brief demo. It carries balance of manufacturer warranty or 90 days, whichever is greater.
  4. “Refurbished”, or “Refurbished Grade A”, signifies the product is refurbished, in good operating condition and physical condition, and carries a 90-day warranty with EXAS Solutions.
  5. “Refurbished Grade B” signifies the product is refurbished, in good operating condition, but may have physical imperfections such as scratches or small dents, and carries a 30-day warranty with EXAS Solutions.
  6. “OEM Refurbished” signifies the product is fully refurbished by the manufacturer, may or may not include all manuals/documentation, and usually carries a warranty of at least 90 days, in some cases up to one year.

    Please note: Some products may only have manufacturer warranty in their country of origin. Your sales rep will notify you if your order contains any such products, which are usually limited to serialised systems (such as servers, desktop computers or mobile devices)


We accept wire transfer, credit cards in USD and JPY; and PayPal. If you are using a currency other than those listed (such as EUR, GBP and HKD), we can issue you an invoice from PayPal in your currency of choice. 3.5% fees apply to payments via PayPal. This covers their fees charged to us.
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  1. All products provided by EXAS Solutions come with warranty. That warranty varies depending on the manufacturer, product type and product condition. Generally:
    • (a) New products carry between 1 (one) and 3 (three) years warranty with the manufacturer; Different warranty conditions may apply to volume buyers. Your sales rep will advise you of this prior to purchase
    • (b) Refurbished products carry between 30 (thirty) and 90 (ninety) days warranty with EXAS Solutions
  2. For products under manufacturer warranty, please contact the relevant manufacturer directly for replacement. You may need your original receipt/invoice from EXAS Solutions to obtain warranty service. Please contact us if you need a copy.
  3. For refurbished or special order products, please contact EXAS Solutions directly for warranty service or support.
  4. No returns will be accepted for incompatibility (unless you received incorrect advice from your sales representative); and absolutely no returns will be accepted for physical damage, including but not limited to damage from being dropped, thrown and/or smashed; damage by exposure to weather and/or force majeure;
  5. You may be asked by your EXAS Solutions representative to provide serial numbers of equipment required to be returned. Please ensure you have the correct information, as EXAS records all serial numbers, providing incorrect information can delay any return(s) to you.
  6. No returns will be accepted for any reason on the following product categories:
    • (a) Batteries of any kind (unless Dead on Arrival (DOA))
    • (b) Software
    • (c) Printer consumables or ink
    • (d) Specially ordered products (unless Dead on Arrival (DOA))

    Please Note: Volume buyers or “Brokers” may have different warranty conditions attached to their sale that may override the abovementioned warranty terms. Your EXAS Solutions sales representative will advise you of any specific conditions applying to your sale at the time of order.


Please contact EXAS Solutions directly for further information regarding any of the terms and conditions.
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