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FRU is stand for Field Replaceable Unit, which means An optional part number. Since it is usually a maintenance part, consequently, this type of product is not generally available. Luckily, EXAS has acquired that "Preferred Partner" to provide our customers with most reliable, original Lenovo parts, at the best market price! Please use our contact form to search for Lenovo servers, storage, and network system accessories, upgrades, and replacement parts from one of our trusted partners.

EXAS aims to be the best distributor for you. We will help you to arrange at the best price!

If you do not know the FRU P / N, please let us know the option P / N, or you can download the Lenovo FRU Parts list from below "Register Now" button.

We provide all of the products listed, don't miss to check them out.

Please note that delivery date will vary greatly depending on the situation so feel free to contact us individually. It may take about 1 to 2 months if Lenovo factory has enough parts in stock, but about 3 months in case they are in short supply.


About product warranty

Since Lenovo FRU is a genuine maintenance part, if the equipment you are using is during the manufacturer maintenance period, it will be incorporated as part of the equipment configuration, so you can get manufacturer maintenance without any special procedure.

Even if the equipment is out of maintenance by the manufacturer, we offer a send-back replacement warranty for the product itself for one year after shipment. (It may take some time to send the replacement product)

Usage example

・ You want to obtain it as an upgrade part for existing device.

・ You already had a self-employed maintenance system, so you want to obtain only maintenance parts.

・ Since it is necessary to use the existing device even after the manufacturer maintenance is completed, you would like to obtain it in advance as a spare part in case of failure.

And so on

If you have any concerns about maintenance parts for Lenovo servers and storage in different operating conditions for each customer, please let us know from the following "Contact Us" button.